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Right Side Foundation 5K

Time: 34:05

Race Report:

It was hotter than heck (almost 90 degrees), the race started at 6PM – such an awkward time for a race. However, it was in Patterson Park, a block from the house I am in the midst of buying. Also, it’s for a good cause The Right Side Foundation run by Nick Markakis of the Baltimore Orioles. Matt Wieters was also present at the race.

My friend Rebecca was there and snapped this photo of me. In this photo, it actually looks like I’m fast…but I’m not! This was my worst 5K time so far. I blame the heat and lack of preparation.

We’re planning to run this race next year because it’s so close to home – we can walk there – and it’s cool to see some Orioles out there running. Here’s to hoping my time will be better this year and maybe the weather a little cooler!

Posted by: erinzimm | July 12, 2009

Pikesville 5K 2009

Time: 33:19 😦

Race Report:

So, I love Fleet Feet, but I felt like this race was really unorganized.  It had an 8am start time and there were no bathrooms that we could find.  Anyway, they played the national anthem and people started moseying to the start (which we never actually saw, we just followed the crowds).  With no warning, they blew the horn to start the race.  I’m guessing there were about 900 people in the race with no chip timing and I have no idea where the start line even was.  What I don’t like about that is that we were near the back of the pack at the start so if I run a similar pace to someone who started in front of me, they would get a better time because of where they were in the pack.  I just think if you have more than a few hundred people, you need to do chip timing! or a wave start!

I had a pretty bad race, just really wasn’t feeling it, was tired from the start, lower back pain (unrelated), and forgot to wear my knee brace, so that definitely didn’t help.  I was disappointed in my time, but whatever.  I didn’t really put a lot of effort into preparing for this race so I can’t expect too much.  I think my finish time was around 33 minutes, which definitely isn’t good but it’s not my worst either.

I’m training for the Philadelphia Marathon in November and am following the Jeff Galloway method for my training.  I’m glad to have at least hit the road again for a race, we’re going to do a few more this summer and I think they’ll all be good practice and fun ways to get more tech shirts 🙂

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Race for the Cure 2008

Time: 30:14.9

Morning everyone. Got back a little while ago from Race for the Cure. It was a good experience, I’m glad I did it. I wish I wasn’t alone though, I mean I guess if you’re going to run a race by yourself this is the one because there are soo many people. It’s really inspiring how many people come out to run and walk. Very cool. My time was about 30:14 according to my watch, I figured that wasn’t too bad considering I had to run over a mile to the start from my car, I was 10 minutes late because of traffic. My knee bothered me a bit during the run and is feeling pretty sore now. I was trying to take it easy during the run hoping to keep the pain to a minimum. All in all, I’m okay with my time. I know I could have done better, but I was running this race for the experience and the cause, not to PR!

Posted by: erinzimm | October 11, 2008

Baltimore Half-Marathon 2008

Time: 2:24:43

Well, yesterday was the Baltimore Running Festival, I did the half marathon, only my second half so far. My brother came down from New York and ran it with me. I am not a fast runner by any means, but I’m okay with that. My race time reflects that, but I’m just happy to have completed it.


I knew Baltimore was going to be difficult for me, my training was not what I wanted it to be because of my schedule and the knee issues I’ve been having. I also knew that because of the hills (and the fact that most of my training was done on flatter courses) was going to slow me down. My brother offered (and I accepted) to run with me the whole time. He’s a pretty fast runner, he ran a 1:47 at his first HM (the same one I ran in 2:20 in March). I knew he was sacrificing a good time to run with me, but he didn’t care, he just wanted it to be fun. I know my time would have been much much slower if he hadn’t been there to motivate me and keep me going when my knees were burning and I was ready to cry on the course.

Race Report:

Woke up around 6:15 on Saturday morning and jumped in the shower. Everyone else wasn’t waking up until about 7, so I just kind of quietly got ready in the dark. The weather was supposed to be much warmer than expected so I opted for a tank and shorts (boy am I glad I did, it was warm!), figuring even if it was chilly outside, my body would be warm once I started running. I checked the weather and it was supposed to be about 57 when we got down there and then about 65 by the time we were finishing up. I had a small cup of coffee and a slice of wheat bread with peanut butter. My stomach was in knots and I couldn’t eat the other slice I had made for myself. I kind of wish I had just eaten it! I pinned on my number and we were out the door. We left around 7:45, hoping to catch an 8am lightrail and be in the city by 8:45, 9 at the latest. That didn’t go quite as planned, while the train was there around 8, it didn’t leave the track until almost 8:30…then the ride down was soooooooo slow, they stopped at every stop where no one was getting on and it took us almost an hour to get down there. We got off the train a stop early because I was about to pee my pants (not expecting to be sitting on the train for 1.5 hours after we left the house). I went to a restaurant and they were nice enough to let me use their restroom. Ahhhh relief…I thought my bladder was going to explode! After that we walked to where the start for the HM was (near the Maryland Science Center). There was a super long line for the port-a-pots, so I was glad that I stopped early and went in the nice clean bathroom and didn’t have to wait in line! We stopped and stretched for a bit and then headed to our waves for the start (the HM was to start at 9:45). My brother was in Wave 1, but since he decided to run with me, he started in Wave 2 with me. The start was very crowded and we walked to cross the starting line because it was so busy.

The first three miles of the HM are separate from the full marathon and went through Fell’s Point before we met up with the full course. The first 3 miles were kind of slow and crowded and we were averaging a 10:20 – 11:20 pace because of all the people. I felt okay about starting slow though and hoping it would allow me to have some extra energy towards the end. After the first 3, we met up with the full course and we had more crowds on the side lines cheering us on. The next few miles of the course (4-6.5) went through a not so nice part of the city, but there were still people outside yelling and cheering us on. We hit our first big hill at mile 5 and it was tough and slowed me down, but I kept running. I took a Gu at mile 6 and wished later in the race that I had waited a little longer, but I thought I might need the extra fuel for the next few hills. 

We ran around Lake Montebello which was really nice, but really warm and there was no shade for that 1.5ish miles of the course. The shade was such a relief since it was so warm out and the sun was beating down on us. I felt like I was wasting energy squinting into the sun, but knew I couldn’t run with sunglasses on. My knee was starting to burn pretty badly at this point (the knee that I am having ITB issues with). I tried to readjust my brace, but it was still burning. The next portion of the race ran down 33rd street toward the neighborhood where Nick lives. People kept telling us all along the course that the next hill was the last one…lies…all lies! Once we were out of Charles Village and headed down Howard Street, around mile 10 my knees were killing me – both of them too, I was ready to cry, but I had to push through and my brother was trying to cheer me on. I ended up having to walk up a hill on a bridge and I think that was a bad idea, after that my muscles just did not want to run anymore. I should have just done a very very slow run instead of breaking my gait and walking. The last 3 miles were pretty torturous for me, my knees were burning and my ankles felt so tight and my legs just felt like lead. I was so ready to give up, but my brother kept trying to encourage me and I knew I could finish, I just needed to push through the pain. When we got to the last mile I tried to pick it up, but when we crossed the 4 fake finish lines (photo ops and banners), I was so ready to give up. My brother grabbed my hand and said – “You can do this, come on. We’re almost there.” We saw Nick and Bri near the finish line and that gave me a little more fuel to go on (though Nick said I didn’t look happy as we approached…my knees were killing me). We crossed the finish line at 2:31:51, our chip time was 2:24:43. About 4 minutes slower than my March HM, but so many more hills, so I can’t be too upset. I kind of knew my time would be slower, but I’m okay with that, I would have preferred to finish in the same amount of time or faster, but considering the difference in elevation, I am fine with my time.

Virginia Beach HM:

Baltimore HM:

All in all, it was a good race, I was so glad to have my brother with me. I will definitely do another half…but I am having serious knee issues (they are both burning and very sore today and I can barely walk). I think I am going to concentrate on strengthening my leg muscles over the next few months and doing shorter runs before I start training for any new races.

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Charles Village 5K 2008

Charles Village 5K
Baltimore, MD
May 31, 2008

Race-aversary day! Charles Village 5K

Last Year’s Results:
Place: 141/167
Age: 24 
Time: 33:39
DivPlace: 19/23

This Year’s Results:
Age: 25
Time: 29:41
DivPlace: 12/25

I had two goals, the first was to beat my time from last year and the second one was to finish under 30 minutes so I reached both of my goals and I am pretty happy with my time. It was VERY warm and muggy during the race and very little of the race is shaded so it was tough, but we finished! I also won a $10 gift card in the raffle at the end and Nick won a book from the Walter’s Art Museum (anyone interested in art books on Egypt :tongue10: ) We had a good time.

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Shamrock Half-Marathon 2008

Shamrock Half Marathon
Virginia Beach, VA
March 16, 2008

Place Bib# Age 4.9mi ChipTime Pace GunTime Div/Total Div Div Total
3530 10544 25 51:30 2:20:47 10:45 2:25:40 430/709 F25-29 1698/2981 F

My goal was to finish under 2:30, which I did, but I thought my time would be a little lower because I ran pretty much the whole time – which I definitely didn’t think I would be able to do (I stopped twice in the last 2 miles to stretch my knees a little bit, but that’s about it). Oh well, I completed my first half-marathon and it feels good. It was very windy down there, 22 mph winds and light rain when the race started. The rain cleared up about a mile in and for part of the race the trees blocked the wind, but the beginning and end of the race were very windy and cold. Right now, I’m laying in bed, my knees are really sore, I’m sure partly because I ran this morning and then spent 5 stiff hours in the car riding back up here.


Well, I just wanted to update everyone on the race and thank you all for your well wishes. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I am so glad that this week is Spring Break – I would dread if I had to go to work tomorrow! My poor brother (who ran with me today – and finished in 1:47 :y: – he was a cross country runner in high school) had to drive all the way back up to NY today and he has to work tomorrow…poor guy!


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Baltimore Marathon Relay 2007

Baltimore Marathon Relay
October 13, 2007

Team Zed and the Sherman Tank
Richard Zimmerman (Dad) – 63, Leg 1 = 6.0 miles
Erin Zimmerman (me) – 25, Leg 2 = 6.8 miles
Rich Zimmerman (brother) – 30, Leg 3 = 6.1
Greg Sherman (friend) – 30, Leg 4 = 7.3

ChipTime GunTime Split 1 Split 2 Split 3
4:13:44 4:16:29 1:07:31 2:18:28 3:13:14

What a great day, but totally bummed that I didn’t get to meet up with Sarah or Trish :cross3: I did get to talk to Sarah on the phone though! It was hard because I had a different start and end point/time than them since I did the relay. I had a good time during the race, my leg (#2) was 6.8 miles. My goal was to finish in 1:23 and I finished in 1:10, nothing to write home about, but I surpassed my goal and felt good during the run. I only took 2 very short walking breaks to drink water instead of trying to run and drink and just making a mess. My portion of the race was beautiful and looped around Fort McHenry where we got a beautiful view of the water. 
n603871534_667339_8413 (1)
Everything was pretty well organized from my standpoint. We had a hard time finding my brother afterwards, he ran leg 3 and had to take a bus back to the stadium, apparently it took longer to ride the bus back because of traffic than it did to run his leg! We ended up finding him (I must admit, I spent a lot of my time searching for Sarah and Trish instead of my brother :P) and headed to the Wharf Rat for a beer and lunch. Nick and I came back here and took a nap, I’m feeling better now.


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Charles Village 5K 2007

11th Annual Charles Village 5K
June 2, 2007
Baltimore, MD
167 Finishers

Place Age Time Div Div Place
141 24 33:39 F20-29 19

So, I finished the 5K yesterday and I didn’t come in last place. I was waiting for the official results before I posted here, plus I was out most of the day yesterday. My official time was 33:39, not great, not awful. I know I could have done better and after the race I felt like I had given up on myself, I walked when I truly didn’t need to. There was 1 water stop, I was told there were 2, and when that second one wasn’t there I psyched myself out that I was going to die of thirst of something (okay, it wasn’t quite that dramatic in my head, but I let it get to me). It was incredibly hot and humid yesterday, so that certainly didn’t help and I had a side stitch the entire race, which is not normal for me. I usually never get those, so I don’t know if it was that I didn’t have enough water before the race or what. The important thing is that I finished! There were a decent amount of long uphills (with no downhill to follow), that’s when I did my walking, I was lame. But hey, afterwards I remembered that, this was my first race, I did it 4 minutes faster than I did the previous week, and now I have a number to beat. Nick did really well despite his knee (which is now killing him) and finished in 27:57. I was really proud of him and he was really cute waiting for me at the finish line. He was clapping for me and calling my name and waiting with a nice cold cup of water and telling me he was so proud of me. That part was great.


At the awards ceremony, we stuck around because they do door prizes, I won a $25 gift certificate to a place called Paper Moon Diner, so that was fun. This was a really small race (167 people) so there were no pictures or anything fun like that, so I had Nick take a picture after the race at my apartment (above). I don’t think I’ve ever asked Nick to take a picture of me, but I wanted one from race day, so I did. Nick enjoyed the race and I know we will be doing more of them and I hope to get a better time each time. Thanks to all of you for your support and wanting to know how I did yesterday, it means a lot.

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