Posted by: erinzimm | October 18, 2009

Race for the Cure 2009

Time: 33:46

Race Report:

This year I organized a team from my school to run the Maryland Race for the Cure. It was the first time I had organized a team for anything and I was so happy with our success. Several members of our school community have suffered from breast cancer or know someone who has, that is what inspired me to organize the team. We raised over $6,000 and had a team of 38. It was ugly and pouring rain the day of the race, I was really sick, but as the team leader I knew I needed to be there!

This is a huge race so I had no plans of recording a PR here! There are over 30,000 people running/walking so you’re with a pack the whole time. I ran with my co-worker Rebecca and she was nice enough to take a walking break with me when I was coughing up a lung. We spent about 2 hours after the race walking around trying to find our team, but didn’t have any luck, we only saw a few other team members and they were ready to go home because of the rain!

I recommend this race to people who just want to get out there and try a 5K. You’ll have tons of support throughout the entire race and will never feel like you’re going to come in last. Plus the route in Hunt Valley is fairly flat so it’s a good beginner course.


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