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Asking My Bridesmaids!

From the moment I got engaged, I knew exactly who my bridesmaids were going to be (afterall, Nick and I have been together for over 8 years, so I’ve been planning this wedding in my head for about 7 years!). They were the first four girls I called once I had the ring on my finger.

When I called my sister to tell her the news, she said:

I’m your maid-of-honor, right???

Of course she was! She’s my only sister and my best friend. I had planned to ask her, but she took the words out of my mouth. I also planned to ask my 2 best friends and sister-in-law to stand beside me on our special day.


Me and my maids at Christmas time, this was taken 4 days before I got engaged! (from left to right, my sister in law, best friend A, sister, ME, best friend N).

I still wanted to come up with a fun way of asking my girls to be my bridesmaids. I’m sure you’ve all seen the movie Bridemaids, so I thought I would gift that movie to all of my girls with a special twist:


I found the movies online from Amazon and purchased them for around $10 each. Then I found the movie cover online and brought it into Photoshop. Then, thanks to Facebook, I was able to find beautiful pictures of all my maids facing the way I needed them to. Since I only had 4 bridesmaids, I had to get rid of Melissa McCarthy on the cover, which I did using the close stamp tool and then found a pciture online with an arm to put on the hip of the girl on the far left since origianlly her arm was around Melissa McCarthy’s character. At the bottom of the movie cover, it said SAVE THE DATE, so I Photoshopped that and replaced it with our wedding date: October 27, 2012 (194 days to go, thanks countdown app on my iPhone)!

All of my bridesmaid’s loved it! They already loved the movie and loved the personalized touch. It made for some good laughs when one of my maids glanced and the cover and said, “Oh, I love this movie!” and then did a double-take and gasped. I included the movies inside of a reusable gift bag (perfect size for your lunch – I found them at Michael’s for $1.50 each) with a handmade card (supplies from A.C. Moore), tissues with their initial (Michael’s $1 bins), chocolates and the movie inside. I also made a little tag with their name and a fabric flower.


Here is the card I made them using inspiration from our wedding colors (Black, White & Apple green). I found a similar card online, but decided I could make my own and changed some of the text to be more fitting for my maids. The wording on the card says:

Will you be my BRIDESMAID?

Will you hold my hand on my wedding day?   Will you be my best friend, my sister, and my free counselor?  Will you help me pick out the perfect dress?  Will you dance the night away with me?  Will you stop me from registering for appliances you know I’ll never use and bite your tongue when I register for china you know I’ll never use?  Will you help me celebrate being single for the last time? Will you help me when I’m sad & overwhelmed and forgive me when I’m mad?  Will you please help make my special day as perfect as it can possibly be?  Will you be on your best behavior at my shower, smile endlessly for photos, and make sure no one gets too drunk?  Lastly, will you hold my dress when I have to pee?

The cards were easy to make and I’m happy to post a tutorial if you’re interested! Image

So, how did you ask your bridesmaids to stand by you on your wedding day?

Posted by: erinzimm | May 7, 2011

Fiesta 5K for ALS 2011

Time: 30:39

My fastest race since 2008. New course this year which I was nervous about since I liked the old course a lot. However, I loved the new course. The race began in PowerPlant in downtown Bmore, the race got off to a late start, about 10 minutes late. The course was flat and right near my house. I had mapped it out before hand so I knew exactly where the turnaround was. I was glad I did that because I knew exactly what to expect and when I wanted to be hitting the halfway point.

I was really happy with my time, considering I was recovering from a 3 day camping trip with 80 7th graders and sleeping in 30 degree weather on a piece of plywood, I thought there was a chance this would be my worst race. The weather was great, a little cool, but you warmed up within the first 1/2 mile. I will definitely do this race again.

Posted by: erinzimm | April 9, 2011

College Bound Foundation 5K

Time: 33:15

This was a race literally a block from my house, how could I pass it up. It was a chilly morning and I’ve been really struggling with my running lately. My wonderful boyfriend ran with me the whole time and I took one short walk break about 2.5 miles in on a hill. I was pleased with my time and though I know I can do better, I felt pretty good during this race.

Posted by: erinzimm | January 1, 2011

New Year’s Resolution Run

Time: 36:58

This race was freezing cold and I felt like crap. I was glad I got out there and ran but kinda pissed because they ran out of shirts. I know that isn’t the whole reason for racing and the money went to a good cause, but I think if they aren’t going to give you a shirt then your fee should be lowered.

This race was only a block from my house, so there is really no reason NOT to do it!

Posted by: erinzimm | November 14, 2010

Trout Unlimited Restoration Run

Time: 33:48

A co-worker of mine’s husband set up this race and it was in a part of town where I had never run before. It was an out and back course which I kind of liked for a 5K because you knew what was coming. It was nice too because going out it was uphill and coming back it was downhill.

I ended up having some serious stomach issues during this race which forced me to stop and just walk. I made up some of that time when my stomach calmed down and almost caught up to the people I was running with. I came in right behind them and beat the guy in the red shirt that I had my eye on the whole time.

Posted by: erinzimm | October 16, 2010

Baltimore Half Marathon 2010

Time: 2:40:52

My worst half marathon time to date and mostly due to poor training and IT band issues. I hate to make excuses, but that’s the deal. My brother ran with me which was nice because he pushed me along. I would really like to get a better half marathon time, but the training is hard for me to do during the school year when I am working 11 hour days and it’s so hot in the summer. I will do it one day! My goal right now would be a 2:10 because I think that’s doable!

Posted by: erinzimm | October 3, 2010

Komen Race for the Cure 2010

Time: 34:52

I spent most of my energy setting up for our team which I am the captain of. I ran it just to run it, but had my mind focused on other things. My boyfriend was kind enough to run it with me and we ran the whole time, just a littler slower than I would have liked 🙂 I also had a terrible cold during this race and felt like I was hacking up a lung, that did not help my time at all!

Posted by: erinzimm | September 11, 2010

9/11 Run to Remember

Time: 36:03

I was so happy to be a part of this race. I cried like a baby during the National Anthem and the speech from Commissioner Bealefeld. I ran with Baltimore Police Cadets the entire time and it was so motivating.  It was really cool and I will definitely do it again next year. It is a point to point race so you don’t finish where you started, but you start and City Hall and finish at Federal Hill Park so I know why they do it, just not super convenient.

It also kind of stunk because there was a backup for the finish line and I know that added a few minutes to my time. Boo!

Posted by: erinzimm | May 6, 2010

Fiesta 5K 2010

Time: 31:19

So, yes I took almost 6 months off from running after completing the marathon. Part of the rest was by choice and then I fell into a rut of working 12 hour days and having no energy to work out.

However, when this local race, the Fiesta 5K came up that started at Raven’s Stadium, I knew I could easily rope my boyfriend into running it with me. It also supports ALS research and my boss’ father passed away from ALS just before.

I really enjoyed this race, the course was fairly flat with one up hill about midway through the race that you got to run DOWN straight to the finish. That was awesome, I have never really experienced a downhill finish that was noticeable. It was a beautiful Saturday in May and the weather was pretty much perfect. I ran into some neighbors and students there too, which is always a nice surprise. Nick got to meet Ozzie Newsome – total bonus and we saw several Raven’s players there.

Posted by: erinzimm | October 18, 2009

Race for the Cure 2009

Time: 33:46

Race Report:

This year I organized a team from my school to run the Maryland Race for the Cure. It was the first time I had organized a team for anything and I was so happy with our success. Several members of our school community have suffered from breast cancer or know someone who has, that is what inspired me to organize the team. We raised over $6,000 and had a team of 38. It was ugly and pouring rain the day of the race, I was really sick, but as the team leader I knew I needed to be there!

This is a huge race so I had no plans of recording a PR here! There are over 30,000 people running/walking so you’re with a pack the whole time. I ran with my co-worker Rebecca and she was nice enough to take a walking break with me when I was coughing up a lung. We spent about 2 hours after the race walking around trying to find our team, but didn’t have any luck, we only saw a few other team members and they were ready to go home because of the rain!

I recommend this race to people who just want to get out there and try a 5K. You’ll have tons of support throughout the entire race and will never feel like you’re going to come in last. Plus the route in Hunt Valley is fairly flat so it’s a good beginner course.

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